Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Here's why we sometimes misread letters...

Seen on Brain Games, a TV show.


What words do you expect to see?

Before you see the answer, let's think about what happens in class.  I sometimes ask my students for their email addresses so that I can send them reminders and words to study as well as links to my lectures / worksheets / websites.  I often mistype their email addresses.  

Part of the problem is their assumptions about what the letter A or E or O or V or N might look like in cursive writing, especially when lowercase.

I like to show the handwriting of people from other cultures...

i can see why lowercase N and V and U are confused.

When I show this sample to my students, they print...

After students see what the teacher has to read, they often make their handwriting clear to read.

Anyway, let's allow us to jump to conclusions...


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