Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One of my students gathered pieces of her Portfolio on Sites Google (a free site-making place that lets you use Adsense) -- Free with a gmail account...

When a student gains a new skill, the 

teacher says, "HOORAY..." and asks 

everyone on his facebook page to click

 here https://sites.google.com/site/spreadthegoodvibes/ ... please send good 

wishes to Claudia A. Gonz-Hurtado who is now a Sites Google page user (and a 

potential mentor to others who don't know how to use Sites google)

She lists some of her work 


Look at these small treasures...


Claudia inspires my students with short exercises like "daily positive adjectives."

Why not visit  www.BIBPenpals.com?

www.spreadthegoodvibes.com   - What is this? <- about="about" and="and" currently="currently" font="font" it="it" me.="me." on="on" something="something" working="working">

http://cagcinema.blogspot.com What is this? <- 2011="2011" b="b" since="since">

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