Saturday, December 29, 2012

I showed a Parent the Flipped Classroom video ... and now she expects more from her child's schools

The Benefits of House Arrest
Just 52 hours to go.  I'm under temporary meteorological house arrest in Massachusetts (along with a family) but at least I will win my freedom around 1 a.m. on 31 December 2012.  This confinement has allowed me to practice my "pitch" about transformation of schools.

A New Advocate for The Flipped Classroom
I'm convinced that the best presentation for introducing the seed of discontent (mixed with initiative) is an edited version of Katie Gimbar's video.   "She talks too fast" was one of the parents' reactions.  But I could see a flash of insight in her eye.  "I'm going to send this to Maya's teacher and to the principal of the school."  

I'm delighted that the virus of transformation has spread to another brain.  It took about three years for the transfer:  a) the parent knew about my interest in Littky's school; b) the parent lives about 90 minutes from Providence, RI (; I had previously sent the Gibar link by email to the parent's neighbor.   It took my  visit to spark the viewing.

"What is the next video that I should watch?"
The parent is hungry for the next step in the transformation of education.   Digital portfolios and projects... What dos a project look like? So we made a short video showing our understanding of the Fedex logo

The key question is "What do you see?"  An illiterate person or someone who looks at just part of the logo will say, "I see ______" but that means the right brain is working.  The left side of the brain drives us to look at the letters.  "Don't read the logo.  Just look at it."  Sometimes that helps.

More items for the 500 Videos project
I told the family about the goal of collecting videos that "students should see before they leave high school."  Please join by suggesting additional titles.  This is ON-GOING, so there will be future editions of that readers of this blog in the year 2020 might want to amend...

Vertical Farming

Hydropronics   from Squidoo 

TED talk

Grand scale visions

 a high-density aeroponic system (HDAS), with plants grown close together. Since the plants' roots aren't competing for nutrients in the same soil, they can be grown in dense plantings aeroponically. Even better, the aeroponic tomatoes were ready to produce fruit four times in one year, rather than the one or two times observed in field conditions.
article to show the Doctor in Colorado

Practical.  Let's get started. in Cambridge, Mass.

How many pounds (grams?) of greens do you want per week?  This unit might make enough for a family of 4 to supplement the salad needs... no soil, no grit to wash out of the greens, no genetically modified cabbages or lettuce...

This is a small scale aeroponics setup.  Why not start by experimenting at home?

Reference to sprouts and salmonella

It's 84 degrees in Fort Lauderdale...  30 degrees F in Massachusetts.

NOTE:  I was told about the negative space in the Fedex logo when I watched a video clip from a 2007 profile on 60 minutes of a professor of design at Harvard university.  I hope you ask, "What do you see?" when you 

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