Friday, June 14, 2013

A new model for Teacher Training: (1) short videos, (2) telephone call between the teacher and the trainer One-to-One, then (3) the teacher records the changes in the classroom.

I was thinking about the challenge of "how to train teachers."

You said, "Being a principal is a lot like being a parent.  Your teachers are your kids.  Your kids don't listen to you but they will listen to other people who say the same thing that you've been telling your kids."

I put this post on my blog

These topics are on your website.

• Cooperative Teaching & Learning
• Integration of the Arts
• Advisories
• Personal Learning Plans
•  Portfolios & Portfolio 
• Interviews
• Multiple Domain Assessments
• End-of Year Exhibitions
• Eighth Grade Internships
• Capstone Projects

I'll create short training videos (no more than 3 minutes each) to start the conversation with your teachers about each of these topics.   Tell me if you have any other topics that you want available for Prof Development 

1. teacher looks at the short video
2.  teacher reads a short article
3.  teacher thinks about "how could I change my procedures in my class to apply this information?"
"what will students do differently if I apply this new information?"
4.  teacher calls me and tells me what was learned and discusses how to apply the information.
5.  I listen and ask some questions and we agree on a time when the teacher will take photos ro videos before and after (showing with and without the new procedure).
6.  I follow up with the teacher 2 7 14 30 90 to make sure the new procedure is being used.


see the extract from page 165 of the Big Picture book.
Sixth, exhibitions encourage students to go deeper with their learning by requiring them to create and present a portfolio of their work.  -- Big Picture by Dennis Littky

For professional development, why not use the same standard for teacher training?  The core of the training should be exhibitions by the teacher (not lectures by the trainer).
The trainer listens and tweaks.  The trainer asks questions to test how deeply the understanding goes.

EXAMPLE:  Here is "how to use portfolios?" from a phone call.  The graphics are terrible.  This is just a discussion.

Teacher Training
Professional Development 
The "Guide on the Side" model

I can prepare short videos for each of these topics.   I'm working with Dennis Yuzenas to refine the training so that the basic info is covered in under 3 minutes and then it's up to the teacher to answer some questions -- making an exhibition.

Here is the Yuzenas style  (Mr. Y) 
Nine minute tour of Yuzenas classroom

how to do a history project with students

For "Three-Minute Training, One-To-One" for Professional Development, call (954) 646 8246.

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