Friday, June 14, 2013

The 30-second video for professional development: Match the training to a teacher's attention span

This is a sample for "Professional Development, One Teacher at a Time."
Don't watch this video.  It's too long.
This post is a training for "how to use a portfolio"

This video is TOO LONG.  However, here's what we can do...
Step (1) a short video can introduce the training (30 seconds) or we can give a series of screen shots (below)

Step (2) then there's an article (the teacher can choose one of these links)

  1. Five Ways to Use Online Portfolios in the Classroom | Edutopia
    Jan 22, 2013 – Education leader and entrepreneur Heather Hiles makes a case for the organizational power of online portfolios for student work.
  2. Digital Portfolios Pull Double Duty | Edutopia
    May 20, 2009 – Teacher Doug Martin helps students decide what to put in theirportfolios and which Web sites to use for the online presentations.
  3. Using E-Portfolios in the Classroom | Edutopia
    May 30, 2013 – Edutopia on Twitter ... Many teachers kept portfolios of student work for report card ... Students can use the "file locker" option to upload files.
  4. Portfolio assessment | Edutopia
    Oct 12, 2011 – I am curious is anyone using electronic portfolios with your students? If so, how do you use them and how much work are they? farida abdallah ...
  5. The Power of Portfolios: A Positive Practice | Edutopia
    Jul 1, 1997 – The work collected in the portfolios is used as a source of instruction. Teachers used samples of student work to develop models of excellence ...

Step (3) there is a phone call -- the teacher calls the presenter and gives a mini-exhibition

a) this is what I learned
b) this is how I'm going to apply the information.

Step (4)  the presenter visits the teacher or asks for a video
"before and after" recording showing how the new information has changed procedures in the classroom.

So, teacher, please call (954) 646 8246 (or email me at and tell me 
a)  how will you use this procedure in your classroom?
b) How will you measure what happens?

Key features
a) some teachers will just look at this blog.
b) other teachers will listen to the youtube link and read this blog.
c)  Highly motivated teachers will call me and then I'll give them additional readings and videos.

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