Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where do posters come from? This poster came from one of my colleagues, who recommends Ken Bain's book about Great College Teachers

"I watched the dancing quotations video and really enjoyed it."

Ken Bain's Whatthe Best College Teachers Do has inspired one of my colleagues to send me the following note and quote from his book:

I watched the dancing quotations video and really enjoyed it. One of the quotes reminded me of a phrase from Ken Bain's What the Best College Teachers Do (an amazing book--it will rekindle your love of teaching if you're ever down). This isn't an exact quote, but it's close: "A grade is the beginning of a dialogue between the student and I as we explore how well the student has understood the material." And then, I couldn't stand not having it right, so I went looking for it. Here's the paragraph:

...the syllabus summarized how the instructor and the students would understand the nature and progress of the learning. This was far more than an exposition of grading policies; it was the beginning of a dialogue in which both students and instructors explored how they would understand learning, so they could both make adjustments as they went and evaluate the nature of the learning by the end of the term.
Great stuff. 

Link to the video

By the way, has an excellent video about how professors can work together to accelerate feedback to students

Here's one of the links to the dancing words.

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