Friday, June 14, 2013

How to spread an idea: Find an article, send the weblink, and paste the article in the email, too.

Here's how I spread an idea:
I collect three interesting articles, then read the 10 books that are the references in those articles, then I create an ebook and six months later the product is ready for me to send to my friends.  it's 73 pages long and nobody writes back.

Here's how my wife spreads an idea:
She emails the link to 43 friends and gets messages like:

I am so thankful you sent this to me!!!  Soooo happy to know this had you thinking of me. 


Huh?  She spends 30 seconds sending an article and she gets people to read.
I spend six months carefully crafting my words to inspire pople to look at an interesting and helpful article by creating a youtube and a poster to explain the article.

Who is the more-effective teacher trainer?   My wife, of course.


So, what can we conclude?

a) Teachers have short attention spans.

b)  People in general have short attention spans.

c)  John Green uses rapid changing graphics, trick video, audio enhancements, and he keeps his history lectures shorter than 10 minutes.   "I see the eyes of my students wandering, even after three minutes," says Dennis Yuzenas, a high school teacher in West Palm Beach, Fla.  See his website

d) I need to develop teacher training that is interactive.   The ultimate in interactive is "Call me when you have finished this video and let's talk."

I call this method Visual and Active Teacher Training
Professional Development
The "Guide on the Side" model

Here are some topics
• Cooperative Teaching and Learning
• Integration of the Arts
• Advisories
• Personal Learning Plans
• Portfolios and Portfolios 
• Interviews
• Multiple Domain Assessments
• End-of-Year Exhibitions
• Eighth Grade Internships
• Capstone Projects

See a future post to see how we have addressed these topics in short 3-minute (or less) training videos.

So, have I changed my behavior?  My usual approach to sharing infomration is to make an ebook and a video.  So I changed what I do now.  I grab a link, take a screen shot of one page in the link, and email the link and the screen shot.   Here's what one of my readers wrote to me:

Subject: RE: a nice story about Danielle the realtor 
I loved the story!  Thank you!  It sounds like a really good book!  Amazing!

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