Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tips from the Interview box

I went into an interview today and there was my envelope, addressed to the language arts teacher. "Oh, I heard about your from your emai message sent through," said the principal.

TIP:  Send the resume to teachers, but also send an email.
TIP:  Put "Teacher Vacancy" or "Response to your teaching opportunity" on the outside of the envelope.

When the principal asks, "What would be your ideal job," don't describe anything other than the position that you are applying for.  I told the fellow about my dream of teaching the 25 worst-academic performers, in a project-based classroom for three years, without a worry about testing, and the response was, "You should talk with my friend who wants to start a school.  You would be an excellent assistnat princiapl in charge of curriculumm."   Ugh.   TIP:  Don't talk about the future.  Describe the ideal job for the very near future.

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