Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I had a chance encounter with a student after I exited the principal's office.

"Hello, I'm glad you could come to see our school."  She held out her hand.

I shook her hand.  "I'm very impressed with this school.  Do you think it is okay to take photos of the walls?"

"Oh, yes, it's okay.   What subject do you want to teach?"

I don't care.  I'll teach anything.  Your principal is a wonderful person.  I would wash the floors to be able to work here."

"Wow.  What subject do you teach?"

I only teach what a student wants to learn.  I will not teach algebra 2.

"I took Algebra 2 last semester."

I'm sorry.

"No, I really liked it."

Do you plan to be an engineer?

"I don't know.  I haven't made up my mind yet.  Maybe I will work for my aunt, who has a software company.  She really knows math."

You can make websites now.  Do you have a gmail address?


You can make a free website.  Go to and you can get started.  If you search "Steve McCrea sites Google free web site," you will have a free video on youtube to teach yoyu how to use the software.

"Wow, I hope you get hired."

After you learn how to make a website, you can make websites for other people.

"How do I pay you for this lesson?"

Pay it forward.  You can help someone else learn these skills.

"Oh, yeah, I saw that movie.  I hope you get hired."

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