Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What are some excellent worksheets for Personal Learning Plans?

I typed in "Narrative" and "Personal Learning Plan" and got this excellent document.

I recommend this link:

Then use Google Drive (Documents) with these tips.

I have been going through the archive I have compiled on Google Docs and I found these awesome  resources to share with you. These are basically tutorials and guides that will help you learn more about the secrets of Google Docs.

· Access your documents from anywhere
· Use Docs reference tools
· Save to different file types
· Use keyboard shortcuts
· Use templates
· Convert PDFs to images and text
· Create forms
· Autodetect links
· Adding video
· Insert photos with drag and drop
· Create graphs
· Look up live finance data
· Self-update spreadsheets
· Draw in Docs
· Insert facts
· Simply add equations
· Embed Docs anywhere
· Just share
· Turn it into a webpage
· Chat away
· Team up with anyone
· Share an entire folder
· Work on documents all at the same time
· Allow editing without signing in· Create your own shortcuts· 
· Track visits
· Set notification rules
· Use Docs instead of emailing attachments
· Kick slackers off of a project
· Freeze to stop editing
· Revert back to old versions
· Save brainstorm notes for group projects.
· Use data validation
· Use color coding
· Clean up your main Google Docs page
· Insert a bookmark
· Create subfolders
· Get color coded

This list came from this link:

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