Monday, June 10, 2013

Nineteen years of great servings: What is the educational value of stuff? What can students learn from looking at the gifts that I've received from friends?

Hello...  We had a party for a departing neighbor and put brie on the mermaid plate with orchids.  The bowl held seedless grapes.   We thought of our friends Jean and Scott.  Jean gave us this plate and the bowl.  

The bowl is by Marti Mocahbee.

The serving plate was created by Carlos Alvarez (1994).

What value is there in sharing these photos with my students?

a)  students see that friends keep gifts and use the gifts.

b)  a bowl can be a gift.

c)  some of my students will create serving plates and become working artists, creating items that bring joy

d)  my celebration of these items sets an example:  I need a stable place to keep these nice gifts, I need to remember who gave them to me, I show appreciation for these thoughtful and useful items, and here's proof that I haven't re-gifted these items.

e)  I hope my gifts are as thoughtful and as helpful to others.

This is a salad at a Boca Raton bistro.

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