Friday, June 14, 2013

Dr. C. E. Glover Avenue, near a small school with passion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This sign is on N.W. 11 Avenue in Fort Lauderdale
Here's an example of what can happen with a camera and some typing:

a) we can introduce the world to N.W. 11 Avenue, just south of Sunrise Blvd.

I'm lucky.  I'm working at this school on
Dr. Glover Avenue where there's a principal
who cares about students and teachers enough
to give them excellent training.
Hmmmm.  Sunrise is about 10th Street, so we're standing on 9th Street, so the intersection of 9th Street and 11th Avenue is 900 NW 11th Avenue is the address of the school and church.

Looking south along Dr. Glover Avenue (NW 11th Avenue)
b)  The additional name of the avenue is Dr. C. E. Grover Avenue.  Now we have an opportunity.  

c)  Who was Dr. Glover?  Where can we find more information?

d)  Where can we post more information?

e)  What information might be valuable for people to know?

This is a "backward history" or "history in reverse" project.  A principal was so concerned by the phrase that he asked me to change it.  "History in Reverse" is not as catchy as ""  ... Jack Latona suggested that we should teach history backwards...  
What's interesting about something around us?   
When was this building or street built?
What was here before?
What was before that?
Now we are getting into history... 

So my project for this summer is to find out who Dr. Glover was... but even better would be to have a group of kids come up with the research and then ask them to publish their findings here in

Ah, ha!  Now I know who Dr. Glover is...
The Voices of Mt. Bethel

So my students will produce some information here... (hey, students, look up some info and help us learn more about Dr. Glover's work).

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