Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Here's a teacher who deserves recognition: Fighting bullies by wearing the same outfit day after day


The very least we can do is put these words in large print on this page:

Faith Perry
Mohonasen high School
A psychologically safe place for students

to fight bullies (who teased a student for wearing the same shirt several days in a row), Faith Perry wore the same outfit day after day for months.   

Let's give a cyber cheer and acknowledge a teacher who puts social skills above vanity and her student's well-being ahead of fashion and variety.

Bravo to Faith.

Please notice the posters in the background of the photo.  In appreciation for Ms. Perry's actions, the TransformTeaching.org blogging staff have pooled $8 and decided to mail some audio CDs, a couple data DVDs with ebooks by Dr. Abraham S. Fischler, and a set of posters from Dr. Fischler's book of commentaries.   You can see a sample here

Here's the article

Click to see the article
If you would like to join in the emai barrage of support, send a smiley face and a nice message to:

you can also mail to the Mohonasen School

Mohonasen School
2072 Curry Road
Schenectady, NY  12303

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