Sunday, December 2, 2012

A more natural form of Lesson Plan by Andrew P. Johnson of Minnesota  That's the email address of an innovative lecturer in Minnesota.  His video caught my eye (on youtube about madeline hunter) because I was looking for a form to make a lesson plan.   ....then I went to

and then I found his article about the "skills lesson plan."
I especially like this paragraph

"Complexity is often mistaken for rigor and effectiveness."

The  "Skills Lesson Plan" by Johnson

The Realness of the Teacher

A clear definition of facilitator:  
until there is a real relationship, the teacher is just a dancing monkey making noise.
-- A. Johnson

Learners feel valued (see these screen shots)

A shorter way of looking at the lesson plan.

To get more about Carl Rogers, look for a 1966 speech (summary) from a Harvard website.

As Johnson says:

"content is delivered as a result of the natural relationship" (that evolves between teacher and student).

"The teacher contacts the real world...
teachers bring in problems that students want to resolve."

The contrast:
test test test =  teacher is a measurer

I hope more people take time to see what Johnson is writing about in Minnesota.

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