Monday, December 17, 2012

The latest campaign for Get a penpal for Davit in Armenia

let's find some email partners for Davit in Armenia.

Here is my campaign for BIBPenpals 
I sent this message to my students:

hello students....  if you are on skype or if you want to learn about Eastern Europe... a beautiful place with cheaper vacations in your future...  then write to Davit.

I mentioned Davit before but I want to tell you again that he wants to practice English with teenagers.... yes, people your age

my skype is davitvanyan95
he writes:    i need grammer lessons

note to Jaluif and Mr. Y and Mr. MJB:  please try to ask your studnets to contact Davit.   he is very persistent and I want to reward Davit with some teen contact

note to ROBIN:  (my substitute teacher friend) -- maybe you can show this email in your classes... it violates many school rules to suggest that an Armenian teenager might be worth the time for a U.S. teenager, but I am willing to violate such rules.

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