Monday, December 17, 2012

What books should teachers put on a desk for a lending library in the classroom?

I have some favorite books that I bring to all of my classes:

teacher training
Flipped Classroom video workshops
PERT test prep
Math Classes
SAT Test prep
ESOL English as a Second Language classes

All of these students deserve to know what is in my mindset.   this goes to a concept that John Vornle posited in


What might happen to our students if they had these books in their hands for several minutes once a week? Hmmmm.

As part of the set of books that I will present to my students, I also plan to bring these books to this training program that I propose here:

I met an HR person at a language school.  I'm promoting my friend Mario as a teacher and one of my courses / workshops.

I'm writing for two reasons

a)  Mario Llorente

b)  the training idea

A.  Mario
Please accept this resume and let me know how I can facilitate his application for work at TALK.  He will be back in Florida by Jan. 6 and he can interview on Jan. 7.   

Mario has developed ESOL curricula
He ran his own school in Guantanamo for several years
He is certified to teach ESOL
He has studied Mary Funnicchario (I have not spelled her name correctly), a leader in ESOL techniques
He is a better teacher than I am.
I hope you can let me know how to move his application forward.   

He will be back in USA on Jan. 6 and ready to work on January 7, ready for the "flood of Brazilians." 

Mario has an innate understanding of English --  although not a native speaker, he is an expert translator.  
I have some youtube video of him explaining one of his areas of expertise


It would be great to create a followup training.  Every person who comes to the training can look at the posters in this book 

The quotes and commentaries portion are also worth looking at... just pages 15-30  
The participants in the workshop are invited to: 
a) read (skim) the pages 15-30  (not heavy reading... just scan the pages)
b) choose one quote and then write a short reflection about the quote.  (three or four sentences:   "How would you apply this quote in your classroom?  What procedures would you use in class to make this quote relevant to your lessons?")
c) look at the posters and (if possible) post three posters in a classroom and report back what the students say about the posters.

The process of hanging posters alters the environment (we hope in a positive way) and part of the training session will be to analyze how to use the power of posters in the classroom

I suggest that everyone who wants to participate needs to do the short reading (skimming pages 15-30) and then send me an email message with three or four sentences of a reflection.   This will show me that the participant is ready for the next stage of the workshop.   The purpose of the workshop is to share openly and to brainstorm possible uses and discuss the impact of posters and to suggest additional quotes that might be useful.

TIME:  total time is between 30-40 minutes, plus 10 minutes of preparation before the workshop, including a short email message to me.
I am available to give this workshop at no charge (i want to video myself so I can build a following on youtube)
I am also prepared to describe the FLIPPED CLASSROOM which uses video to highlight aspects that a teacher wants to create in the class.   I recommend the following video for people to review.


Final request in this blog:  Please visit and click somewhere on that page.

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