Monday, December 17, 2012

How to make a great website and a powerpoint... thanks to Seth Godin

Start by going to two website and downloading these ebooks.
Give Seth his hits.

Seth Godin has a rule about presentations

Headlines, usually under 10 words
with pictures to illustrate the concept.

A web page is like a powerpoint presentation.

There should be a way for an impatient or chronologically impaired person to click, click, click and get an overview.

for example, a website could open to a tour.   If you want to see the full site, you can hit "HOME" or any of the sub topics.   

My recommendation for a website is to have the main domain name link to open on

There would be a link to HOME or MAIN PAGE, and there would be a NEXT button.

PLus the 7 main points would be on separate pages.. Notice what happens on my poorly designed site. You start with the tour and you are encouraged to click on the numbers...  or NEXT

You don't go to the main home page ... you have to hunt to find it.   That is what I get from Seth Godin.

Here are some screen shots to make sure you get the idea.

Again, go to Seth.  Give him the hits.

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