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Outline for a 5-day "Flipped Classroom" course to answer "How do you use videos in your classroom?"

When I give a 5-day workshop, here is one possible schedule:

a)  arrive MONDAY   Meet with the leader and create a plan for the workshops.  If possible, dinner that evening with each of the audience.   Give them a page to write answers to some questions
- what do you know about videos?
- how do you think it is a 
(get prior knowledge)
- how do you capture video in your classroom?
- what is your experience with using a camera?
audience takes that questionnaire home and writes and writes.

PART OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE includes the reading and writing and reflecting about quotations 

b)  TUESDay   We meet at 9 am and I spend an hour or two hours reading the pages that the students have written.

They spend time reading Dan Pink and Ken Robinson and Sugata Mitra and I call them in one by one to talk with me.  

I build a profile of the audience.    While I'm reading, I'm pulling the students/participants into the room and building a plan, collecting the prior knowledge and the dreams of teachers... 
What I know
What I want to learn
(at the end, there is "What I learned" and "what I want to learn later")

I can assign more reading and viewing and ask them to prepare for the afternoon lecture

AFTERNOON LECTURE:  I ask them, "What did you learn about Dan Pink?  Richard Clark?  Dennis Littky?" and we spend the session reconstructing the articles.
Ask the class to make a "story board" of Katie's video
Show a typical 4 or 5 minute video ("what does Katie show her class for homework?")
at the end I can ask, "How can we use videos in the classroom and bring these ideas into our work?"

That's the homework.    Teachers are also asked to write a script for their flipped classroom

c)  Wed.   I put the summaries of Pink, Littky and Clark on the walls and ask again the question:
 "How can we use videos in the classroom and bring these ideas into our work?"

The entire session is the participants talking and I'm taking notes about what they say that is important (and the whole session is recorded)

Weds Afternoon:  Participants get into teams and plan videos


THURS   Making short videos, to be used for the FLIPPED CLASSROOM

final touches,  students / participants build their websites (if needed) and show how they will lead their classes...  Participants show how they will use the class time differently.


What if we observe the participants when they actually use the system?   ASK:  "How do we use our time in our classes?"  and "How will we change the way we use time?"

Page 145 of Personalizing the High School Experience of Each Student
joseph dimartino
john h. clarke

The ideal situation is to spend part of Friday watching how the teachers run their classes.  Do they allow their students to talk and present what was seen in the video?

IDEAL:   the next week would be in the classrooms of the teachers/participants so I could observe and give feedback about how they have structured their classrooms.   This includes the reading and writing and reflecting about quotations (done on the first day, Monday)

EXAMPLE article


HOW NOT to do a flipped classroom video
wrong:  small text
"the learners will ..."
No, address the audience.  "I'm asking you to find the function..."
Use real language.  Talk like a real person, not like a teacher.

Look at the QUIZ 6 -- 35 minutes.   that's a long video!

Really?  35 minutes for a quiz?

Flipping the classroom 
wrong:  he speaks and writes and we watch him writing.  yawn

betty geometry   too slow  
speaks slowly
good:  she shows what she will SKIP  
15 minutes long.   speak more quickly.


The structure:
Quotations to introduce the interactive classroom (mindset)
Reading excerpts for phyilosophy of education (Littky, Pink, diMartino and Clarke, Richard E. Clark, Sugata Mitra, Ken Robinson)
Get to know the participants (with homework to reveal prior knowledge of videos in classroom)
Lecture (short)
Flipped Class (participants present the information, presenter checks the content)
Participants make videos for their classes
Participants show how their classroom time has been changed.

For more information and  +1 954  646 8246

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