Monday, December 3, 2012

What Videos Do You Want Young People to See Before They Leave High School?

500 Videos and Websites That You Should See Before You Leave High School


WHY WE SHOULD visit that site or look at the video. 


Search for Tokyo Rush Hour Subway.”  

I could not believe what happens when people go to work in Japan.  It looks very crowded.   

Let us know if it’s okay to print your name 

(as a contributing writer) in the book.

#1: _________________________

I like this (video/website) because:  


#2: _________________________

I like this (video/website) because


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Your email address will make it possible for readers to 

contact you with additional comments.  

This is a Web 3.0 book

Web 1.0 = post information for readers to look at

Web 2.0 = ask readers to add information to the web page

Web 3.0 = allow readers to contact each other

Send this information to 

This effort is part of the 12 Global Skills training provided at 

Some of these videos and websites are set up by my friends.  I included these "not yet popular" sites and videos in the hope that you, the reader, will give some clicks to these ideas and sites.

For example, how about visiting

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