Monday, December 17, 2012

Here's what happens when a teacher keeps in touch with former students: Learning continues.

I make it a practice to let students know my email address.  I believe that the aim of the course is to put information in the student's mind for LONG TERM USE, so that means I should check the condition of the information six or eight months AFTER the student leaves the course.

I had a nice interaction with two students.

I saw some photos posted by Gabrielle.

I saw an encouraging sentence posted on Facebook by Paloma.  I decided to create a poster with the two pieces.

Here is the result.

I hope you will write to Paloma and Gabrielle and tell them what you think about their work.

Photo by Gabrielle Xavier  

Oh, and contact me if you are a former student so I can test your long-term memory and you can cause my synapses to increase with new information.

You can download this poster (in two languages) from

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