Sunday, December 16, 2012

Matt Blazek stimulated new synapses

I saw Matt Blazek, Gus Sanjuan and Alexander Gorovoy yesterday and we forgot to take a photo together.  Matt caused us three to review how we look at the world.


What rule did I use to create this series of numbers?

2      4      6   

You can propose additional series of numbers to test the rule that you think I have used to generate these numbers.


T, T, F, F, S, S, ___  (what are the next two items?)

Don't look below this line (unless you want some hints)


Some photos... 

This poster is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Turkish (translation by Nil Göksel).  If you want to help make the poster in your language, let me know.

Here are the hints...


M, A, M, J, J, ___

F, S, S, M, T, W, T, ____

No,, the rule is not "add two"

We tend to propose examples that CONFIRM our assumptions.   We don't often test our assumptions or our view of the world.

We create examples that support our current view of the world.

The key is to propose a series of numbers that does NOT fit the rule to see if we have really identified the rule 

WRITE TO MATT BLAZEK for more ideas about how to examine our theories of knowing.

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