Sunday, December 16, 2012

You should see Hyperphysics (teachers working with teachers)

Open letter to Dr. Nave (and others who want to recommend interesting videos and websites):

I am a math teacher in Fort Lauderdale.
I'm interested in your site

 I'm compiling a list of "videos and websites students should see before they leave high school."

I intend to sell the book at cost and to post the list on a website to drive people to click on websites and videos that (in my opinion) deserve more attention.

Are there some images that I can use in the book?
(I think the home page of your site is helpful)

We know that some people click if they see a photo next to a link.
My goal is to create a clickable PDF document that will encourage students to click and visit sites and youtube videos that are more likely to educate than entertain.

In short, this is a request 
a) for permission to use some images that I've found so far from your site
particularly the distribution table on 

and the image of the bricks (time's arrow)
I wonder if entropy (disorder) can be reduced by restacking bricks or putting the dots from "random distribution" to organized rows and columns.

b) for your list of sites and videos that you have found inspiring in your work  (other than the videos and sites related to your site)

For example, the video showing how people board trains in Tokyo during rush hour and the video showing a sunrise on Mount Fuji give information about aspects of Japanese culture that could lead to greater appreciation for other cultures.  

Thanks for your time.

I particularly like the offer you posted on the home page:
This is an offer to post translated versions of HyperPhysics for free access worldwide, just as the English version is offered. If you wish to translate parts of HyperPhysics for the use of your students, we will post a full mirror version of HyperPhysics dedicated to your language with all links so that your translated portions will have full access to the links to all of HyperPhysics. It is suggested that just the displayed text be translated, leaving all the links intact, therby reducing the labor of translation. While the Copyright of HyperPhysics must remain with the project, our commitment is to provide you with a DVD version of the full HyperPhysics website with a license for a closed mirror (at least password protected) at your institution so that you can make full use of your translation efforts for teaching at your institution, even during the early stages of translation. When a large portion has been translated, a more flexible license will be provided to make sure you are not hindered from making use of your own work of translation.

I'm putting a link to your site on my network of educators site

(I hope other educators will visit Dr. Nave's remarkable Physics site)

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