Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here's a pledge: I'll skip the holiday cards, but I'll spend 3 minutes per person...

Holiday Greetings 

a message to friends who sent me a holiday card...

Thank you for sharing your best wishes for the new year.

TIme is limited.  So are resources.

I did the following calculation
125 cards to mail out.
20 cards $12  (80 cents each)  about $100
labels to print   1 cent each x 125 = $1.25
labels to paste on envelopes
about 10 cents of ink 0.10
Postage  125 x .45            about         $60

The gross national product would increase about $160 if I would just generate some cards.

So I decided to create a holiday email message...  and you'll be soon receiving a bulk email with some images of some of our travels in 2012....

So instead of increasing the national economy, I've invested $1 per person in trees.  You have 4 trees planted in Honduras for you by Trees for the Future.   Best wishes for the new year.

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