Monday, July 1, 2013

A checklist for a principal: What recent books have influenced your school's procedures?

An interview is an opportunity for me to learn more about your school.

Are you open to using these procedures?
projects portfolios
digital portfolios                           team teaching
cross-discipline planning (one project for several classes)
The flipped classroom (lectures on video, class time for discussion and elaboration of the themes in the lectures)

controlled / limited / careful use of social media for academic purposes

smart use of the Internet

Do you have teachers who used to be in business or other professions?             

Penpals with other schools

peer mentoring by teachers (Finnish style "open door" observation)

internships and mentors (links with community for mentoring and volunteers)

after school hours?   The "community school"        
Are your students asked to help keep the school clean and organized?  (some schools have extra brooms available to sweep and dust the classrooms)

Do any of these authors inform your procedures?
Malcolm Gladwell  10,000 hours (Outliers)
Dan Pink:   Drive (autonomy, mastery, purpose, Fedex day)
To Sell is Human (the new elevator pitch)
A Whole New Mind (Conceptual age, Automation, Asia, Abundance)

Thomas Friedman The World is Flat

Seth Godin  Purple Cow

Let's clean our school

Students serve the food

It's lunchtime

Food is cooked in a central kitchen and delivered to schools.
The students distribute the food, plates and silverware

Add caption

time to eat

clean the dishes


brush teeth after lunch

Kids rate their own performance

slippers when you go into the restroom (so the germs in the restroom
stay on the soles of the shared slippers) ... It's better to share slippers
than to bring the germs from the restroom into the rest of the school

Put on slippers to walk around the inside of the school

The community school -- open from 7 am to ??

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