Sunday, July 14, 2013

A model for principals -- management by walking around

My mother attended Hathaway Brown school in Cleveland in the 1940s.  She remembers the headmistress, Miss Coburn, as highly engaged, interacting with students.  "She knew our names," she recalls.  Ms. Coburn would meet with the studnet council and she walked around tyhe school, dropping into classes.

She wandered into classes so studnt felt comfotable with her.  i remember I was 12 years old when she came into our classroom.  We all stood.  Ms. Coburn said, 

"You can do this in your head or you can use paper and pencil.  Start with 73
take away 9
divide by 4
multiply by 2
What is your answer?"

My mother continued, "It's possible to then ask, What important event took place in 1939 that shifted the world?"  

Geography:  Where are those two coujntries?  How are they situated?  If you drove from one capital to the capital of the invaded country, what direction woudl you travel in?

I remember that I was being chased by one of my friends and I slammed into Miss Coburn.  

"I'm so sorry, Miss Coburn."
"What is the rule?"
"No running in the corridor."
"Very good."

...and she walked on.  i didn't get a demerit.... but I never ran again in the corridor.

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