Sunday, July 14, 2013

Why should teachers have a profile on Facebook? (a) so that former students can find us and (b) so that we can promote the work of our former students

Here is a message that I received...
Go ahead, click.  Add a like.
He is a good person

The fellow wants me to LIKE his new page.  Wait, that's my student from three years ago.  He invited me to his school to talk with his director about how to make the school more INTERACTIVE.
I was invited by Stefano to look at his page when the LIKE count was 29.  Now it is 34... I hope I contributed to that click count... 

What is our responsibility as teachers?

We tell our students that "you can be whatever you want to be."

"If you can see it, you can be it."

"Be whatever you can be, in the Army reserve..." 

Here are some photos from his Facebook page:

My benefit for being on Facebook:
(1)  Stefano found me
(2)  I can invite Stefano to become a virtual mentor for my students
(3)  I have a new activity for my current students to do  "CLICK ON THIS PAGE"
(4)  My students can learn about "how to make a facebook page" from Stefano.

I'm a lucky teacher.   However, I attract that luck by putting myself in public, on Facebook, and by making sure that I post photos without drug use or examples of behavior that I don't want my students to do.   In other words, academics is 25% of my work.  At least 70% is social skills and modeling good behavior (and spelling).

Find the list of LIKES here

I can check my impact on a page by seeing WHO likes the page.   Since I "liked" the page, four other people liked it.  and none of them are my friends.   So, I have not YET contributed to Stefano's list of likes, other than to get him my one like.  I'm number 30.

Please click LIKE on Stefano's page

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