Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Time is a variable" finds an advocate in the 1-to-1 Foundation. Here are three important reports

Look at the website of the Colegio Fontán:  CLICK HERE

You can find the key phrase from Dr. Fischler's work:  Time is a variable.

Here's the website of Learning 1 to 1 Foundation, which has brought this Fontan system to the USA.

Hover over "FRE" and then click on ARTICLES 

Here is the webpage for articles by Erika Twani and others   click to find the articles (because there is no direct link visible).  

See some videos

The Learning 1 to 1 channel

So.. what will you do with your NET IMPACT?
How about forwarding the
link to the L1to1Foundation channel to your colleagues?

Let's make this video go viral
Post this code on your facebook wall...

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