Saturday, July 27, 2013

What do we need to follow in addition to updates to Twitter, FB pages, blogs and YouTube channels? How about Edutopia's Pinterest board...? This is why I like Brainpicking

Just when I thought that I was overwhelmed with "notifications" of updates, I found another useful filter.   My current favorite curator is and I even send $1 a month to the editor.  Twitter, FB, Youtube and blogs each generate notifications by email (including this blog, which has only five subscribers.   Can some of you who are reading this check to see if you might possibly have forgotten to subscribe to this blog?)

So what is the best procedure for students?  What should they see their teachers do?   I wonder if it makes sense to show students how to sign up for a blog with a "throwaway" or "public email address, so that the notifications don't clutter the inbox?  Or is it important to be confronted (as I am) with notifications daily?

1.  I found out about Dimitri Christiakis through an email notification.
2.  I can choose WHEN to expose myself to the list of interesting items that flow toward me.
3.  I might as well look at the floow, at least three times a week, because I tend not to schedule a quiet time to evaluate what is out there.   Better to 

1.  The brain does better without the 
2.  Daniel Amen made that observation:  
Checking for messages is an important way to communicate, but it is better to set aside specific times each day to work on them and leave them alone the rest of the time.
-- Dr. Daniel Amen, Magnificent Mind at Any Age

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Here is the comment that I left at the Edutopia site:

Since using the FLIPPED CLASSROOM, I no longer have a "teacher voice."   Now I randomly and unintentionally whisper to people "...and for class tomorrow, please come in ready to talk about this topic."  

So the purpose of this post is (1) to invite you to discover Edutopia ... and if you know the site, at least you can also sign up for their Pinterest board.  They have curated a collection of posts that have benefitted me by providing quick items for posters.
I even found the following link ... (which I sent to the teachers in Bologna with whom I shared a Skype session)...
I remember the effort to put ipads in the Italian school.
I hope this article is helpful.

This is why it makes sense to subscribe to

(2) The second purpose is to underline the usefulness of

Look at these posts:
Book of Symbols
Aldous Huxley's book for children
an interview with the 84-year-old Carl Jung


Here are some more links to items that I found through the Edutopia Pinterest page

21 ways to become a 21st Century Teacher

Ten skills that modern teachers need

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