Saturday, July 13, 2013

The "Littky-style" School of Colombia: Time is a variable, projects, personal learning plans

Ten Principles at the Fontan School:

motivation of learning,  autonomy,   responsibility

Time is a variable and PERFORMANCE is a constant, Individualization, our civilization is a written culture

Principles of (d) excellence, (e) processes,
(f) intellectual pleasure, (g) student initiative and
(h) compliance with the laws of learning

I met Alfredo de la Rosa who introduced me to a school called Colegio Fontan in Colombia.
If Big Picture had a Spanish-speaking twin, it might be this school.

Dennis Littky's schools in the USA, Australia and Europe are based on personal learning plans and portfolios that support learning through internships.  See

The Colegio Fontan uses computers to track students and "analysts" help students evaluate their progress (teachers who are guides on the side).  Students work for mastery (the courses are pass/fail) and "time is a variable."

Here are some screen shots from a video:

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For more info:

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