Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guest Blog: Leslie Lott suggests an activity with LOGOS ("snap photos of different logos over a 24-hour period") to encourage students to talk

Years ago I had small groups of students think of new uses for everyday things (fork, pencil, etc.) They then had to name the product and create a logo. Then they made a print advertisement and created the script for a TV commercial...Tons of learning and very fun. For the logos--you could have them snap photos of different logos over a 24-hour period and send them all to one address--then review them as a class...talking about who found them and where and why the students thought they were good (or not good) logos. I started my class on this with the swoosh from Nike...they had no idea Nike was a goddess and the swoosh represented her wings. :))   -- Leslie Lott


Here's another way to get students to start talking.. 

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