Saturday, July 6, 2013

David McCullough calls on parents to talk about history at dinner (The Mealtime History Minute for Improved Historical Literacy)

We learn history through stories.  "When in the course of human events..."   the critical word is HUMAN.
-- David McCullough on 60 Minutes, June 2013

Here's a link to the story about how medical education improved in the 1800s thanks to Medical Schools in Paris:  stuents accompanied doctors in their hospital rounds.  This procedure allowed medical students to learn about the female anatomy and examine patients.  That procedure was not followed in the USA at that time.   "A sick female patient would rather die than allow a male doctor [and all doctors were men] to examine her."

Mealtime Minute for Improved Historical Understanding (MMIHU)

A student came up to me after a lecture that I gave at a university and told me that for the first time she realized that the 13 founding colonies were all on the East Coast.  I don't blame the student or the teachers, who are both under pressure to pass tests.  I blame us.  We aren't talking about history at the dinner table.
-- David McCullough
(This was first broadcast in November 2012)

 Where did she think they were?  Illinois?  Kansas? 
But McCullough's point is that we can include history by taking time to be more curious.

Bring back dinner if you want to improve
Bravo to Steve Roberts for posting this important clip...  found at "David McCullough teaching 60 minutes"

Why not visit his blog?  A math teacher (tutor) who appreciates history.   That's called "integrated curriculum."

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