Sunday, July 21, 2013

A list of Geography Quizzes (and a suggestion for improving the system) -- a focus on maps

You can try a PHOTO QUIZ or a series of map quizzes

You can start with the WORLD HERITAGE sites on National Geographic

Geography Quiz:  what does that mean to you?

1) identify countries
2) identify cities.

The typical quiz goes includes familiar countries with rarely-mentioned countries.  This is a mis-use of a student's time.   The questions about "where is  China / India / Japan" could be skipped.
I got stuck on Uzbekistan

It took me three tries to find Rodonia

On the Mideast quiz, I got tuck on Tajikistan
I got stuck on Solothurn in Switzerland

Here are tips for making the quizzes more challenging and enjoyable
a) skip the parts that are well-known by many students
b) focus on relationships.  Instead of "What is...?", ask about BORDERS.  "What countries touch Afghanistan?"  I was surprised by the number.

I tried Mexico and was stumped by Taumapilas

TravelID is another way to test students about their traveling knowledge 

The feedback in this quiz is more challenging because you have to point to the location of the city and the screen is small.
Look at some of my results:  I need to review Eastern Europe and Istanbul, too.
Method A:  This is a better quiz if the cities have been studied ahead of time.  Don't just guess...
Method B:  Learn by guessing, with instant feedback.

I'm not sure about the best way to prepare for this quiz.

Does it make sense to show a lot of photos (to generate happiness or to heighten emotion) and then link the map to the feeling?

Here is a quiz with photos.  Perhaps the best teaching method is to simply watch the quiz and then take it again.
Very challenging!

The hint might be "The Prophet's third city"

The hint might be "Socrates"

The hint might be "Gladiators"

I can tell my students about D-Day...

so I can show this shot to link with the previous image
It's not Iguazu

it's on a green island

World Photo Quiz

     If you find an interesting quiz, send it to me.

World Heritage Sites by National Geographic

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