Saturday, July 27, 2013

What categories do teachers need feedback about? Here are 12 topics for your consideration, including empowerment, climate and student engagement.

Here's the evaluation that Diane Grondin gave me in December 2010.  The document is on

Here are comments made by Diane Grondin, one of the ten best principals I’ve encountered.

Student Engagement
Need to circulate and be more aware of student activities.  Outstanding mini lessons to motivate and cover concepts.

Student Management
Need to work on classroom redirects.  Recognizing classroom management issues is an area that needs improvement.

Student Support
Mini lesson covers math and life skills

Puts up student work everywhere.  Works diligently to get student to think through the process and apply it to life.

Educational Practices
Outstanding practices when looking with subject base activities.  Uses video tape, YouTube, and other technology to instruct.  Guides students through use of technology.

Boost students’ self-esteem.

Need to work on communicating with your mentee’s parents.

Works very well with peers.  Always having outstanding ideas on supporting teachers and students.

Data Management
Use a pen, not a market, for communicating with peers.

Diversity of Learners
Accepts students as they are and is always willing to work with all students.

Professional Development
Always learning and growing.

Mr. McCrea is an outstanding educator with a solid subject based.  He needs to work on areas of intervention and redirection of student behavior.  Overall evaluation:  Satisfactory.

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