Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thoughts about "Better Schools. Fewer Rules" (The Steve Roberts Campaign in Kansas)

Better Schools
Fewer Rules
The campaign by Steve Roberts...
If you are looking for better schools, start with  and the books that have emerged from

that organization, such as The Big Picture:  Education is Everyone's Business by Dennis Littky and Samantha Grabelle... and Leaving to Learn by Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski.  Click here to get some sample chapters and to see the LEAVING TO LEARN website

(1) Big Picture Schools have fewer rules

Click here to get the video
(2) Mealtime Meetings About History
David McCullough suggests that we need to talk about history at dinner.  "We are raising children today who are historically illiterate."
Noel Thompson, an entrepreneur in Warwick, NY, has added, "Perhaps grandparents will save the day for us.  They have the perspective and perhaps they can be interviewed by teenagers.  The grandparents can point out how things have changed."

look at the button on the right of this screenshot
How do you download a video from Youtube?  (how do you bring a video into a classroom that doesn't have a strong connection to the Internet?)  I use

It allows you to put a button on the top bar of the search engine, such as Chrome, and I just click the button when I'm looking at a youtube video that I want to download.

The menu gives me some choices and I like to select .mp4.

Here's the choice menu.  

Go ahead, download the button for

Steve Roberts can't vote for Intelligent Design...

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