Friday, July 19, 2013

Keep an extra strip of outlets (strip extension cord) handy: A lesson learned from Richard E. Clark

Here's the story about the extension cords.  

I was visiting Professor Richard E. Clark in his office and he was on a skype conference call -- we were recording the session on 27 February 2013.   I was hunting around for another electric plug to charge a phone.  The nearest plug had the power cables for the computer and the video camera.   Dick calmly reached into his valise, pulled out an extension cord and handed it to me.

I uncoiled the extension cord, pulled out the cord to the computer, inserted the extension cord and plugged in the cord for the computer.  Then i had five new available outlets, and so my phone was charging in seconds.   Why, because Dick Clark travels with an extension cord, even around his office.

Always be prepared.   Isn't that a scout motto?   I learned that having an extra extension cord is helpful.   I now travel with a set of extension plugs and cords.  I have lent my extension cord to others and in fact gave one away to a visiting professor who was giving lectures on a tour.

This post will let you have insight into the value of an extra 
extension cord.  If you have enough extension cords in your work area, you can buy another one so that you can pass it to another person.  It's an example of "paying it forward."


My buddy John Vornle recommends this site.

We hope to advise their organizers how they could use "dominos" as a team building exercise for the Palestinians, Jews, and Americans they bring together every year.

It's also a good link for BIB.  BUILDINGInternational Bridges

Cheers,  John

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