Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A letter to teachers who might want to learn something about the "flipped classroom..."

To teachers ... 

If you want to use the "flipped classroom,"  I'm available to share some tips.

PHONE:  954 646 8246

1.  I'm offering this introduction to the Flipped Classroom because  
a)  we're all taxpayers and we all want to see improvements in schools
b)  sometimes it takes just a little bit of information and then teachers can fly.

2. You are lucky because you have a principal who wants to use flipped classrooms 
to differentiate the work, 
to personalize the experience for students, and 
to allow the students to engage more in the school work.

3.  There are ways to make flipped classrooms interesting.  My aim is to show you how.

4.  YOUTUBE:  It will give me great pleasure to assist you in putting at least two or three videos on Youtube (or whatever location you want to put the videos).
TO PREPARE FOR THE WORKSHOP:  get a youtube channel (or a vimeo channel)
If you want to use another format for video sharing, please call me.

SHY:  If you are shy, you can still have an effective youtube channel if you use a tripod and just point the camera at the book or computer screen and talk off-camera.

STAR:  If you believe (as Katie Gimbar believes) that your students want to make eye contact with you, and if you are not shy, then let's get you on Youtube.

6.  I teach SAT Test Prep and PERT and I'm sending you samples of videos.

this is a longer video (shaky camera, 7 minutes is generally long)

This second video shows interaction with a student.   this technique is generally preferred to keep the content more flexible. 

If you want a head start before the training session, you can click on the 

1.  Watch Katie Gimbar's video 
2.  Call me to discuss the highlights of the video   954 646 8246  
3.  Write to and answer these questions
a) what short lesson do you currently teach? (describe an example)
b) how could that lesson be presented on video?
c) what participation can you build into the video lesson?
4.  Make a short video    (USE A TRIPOD or place the camera on a stack of books)
5.  Post the video.  
6. Send the link to me.  (make the link public or UNLISTED... why not?  It allows easier feedback)

call with questions  954 646 8246

The following take on 21st century learning developed by TeachThought
9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning
1. Learner-centered 
2. Media-driven (this doesn’t have to mean digital media)
3. Personalized
4. Transfer-by-Design
5. Visibly Relevant
6. Data-Rich
7. Adaptable
8. Interdependent
9. Diverse 

Here is a link to the Online Introduction to the flipped classroom


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