Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The "Parent DVD" -- Send a collection of videos to homes -- An Invitation to Principals

INVITATION to use free ebooks and videos
Listen to the teacher
or listen to each other?


I’m an advocate of the transformation of education.  I’ve edited a commentaries book (which could be used as a training manual) by Dr. Abraham S. Fischler, former head of Nova University.  It appears as an ebook on the enclosed data DVD (see the first folder).

I would like to offer the following:

n     a free ebook to your staff for training (using the Fischler ebook)
n     free posters to help sustain the culture of learning that your school has clearly adopted
n     a free training workshop to help teachers adopt the “flipped Classroom” model (if your teachers want to try it)
n     a free training workshop using the Fischler ebook (we want to video the workshop so it can be placed on YouTube)
n     free ebooks about dominos to introduce probability and other math concepts  (the items are on the DVD that is enclosed)

I’ve been using videos in my teaching since 2000 and I’ve posted more than 600 videos on various YouTube websites.  See and for examples.

Thank you for your time.  You are invited to adopt any of these materials that I’ve sent you for your school.  Dr. Fischler’s ebook is free – go ahead, share it.   If you have some comments, please send them to Dr. Fischler at (we can use blurbs in promoting the ebook). 

The data DVD is also free – the idea is to give every student (and any visitor who comes to your school) a free DVD with dozens of inspiring videos.    I’m looking to work with a principal to develop a collection of videos (you can add your favorites to the list) and then put the items on a DVD that can be donated to parents.  I have access to an educational charity that can pay for up to 2000 copies of the DVD for distribution.  Would you like your school to be a demonstration site for this “parent DVD”?

Steve McCrea
2314 Desota Drive, Fort Lauderdale FL 33301   954 646 8246     

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