Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm too cheap to get the Windows 8 Phone, but I like the idea: "It's not about apps.... it's about PEOPLE." That's how I teach, so why not communicate in the same way?

Here's a message from one of my students:

You should buy a Windows Phone 8! E.g. Nokia Lumia 720. You would really love using it.
Why? First, it's NOT all about apps. It's all about people! All information from different accounts in a single place, the people hub. 
Easily share on Facebook. 
Perfect Skype integration.
Try it!
Visit the video

Von meinem Windows Phone gesendet

Gesendet: ‎30.‎05.‎2013 18:57

Thank you, Lutz.

I will pass on comments to Lutz if you want to contact him.  He really knows Windows.  If you are committed to a PC, then you should know what Lutz has in his head.   And he enjoys sharing his insights.  (But he rightly protects his send me a message and I'll pass on your questions to Lutz...)

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