Saturday, May 25, 2013

Book Project: Let's create a book of posters that teachers can hang in any classroom and cause discussions about education

Let's build a book of posters.   

Send your favorite poster ideas.  (This proposal has no expiration date.  This project will not expire.  We will have future editions.  Send your ideas to

The chapters (so far) are:
Short video

1) Posters based on Fischler's blog

2) Quotations to Inspire Transformation

3) Posters based on Richard Clark's work

Any other topics?
Send your suggestions to

Sean S. McGraw has been invited to join the project, adding an important dimension of design to this project.

The goal:  create posters that can promote discussions.

Format:  8.5 inches by 11 inches, produced by

Instructions:  Hang posters and then use the discussion method proposed by Mario Llorente.

Here are the instructions that Mario gave in a book called Let's Lecture Less...

Click here to see the book

You can download the book Part 1
part 2   Part 3

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