Thursday, May 9, 2013 can assist teenagers in using social media to "have an impact"

I posted a series of photos and someone clicked "LIKE"... so I should return the favor.  I bumped into a website of appreciation:

So -- of course -- I clicked and left a comment on one of the photos that caught my eye.   Thank you, Mac (the author of the blog).

Then I wrote to the person the following note:

If you have a particular type of travel you like, let me know.   

I'm a high school teacher and I have a website called and I'm trying to get my students to realize that they have impact with their facebooking and tweeting,  social and political impact...   so why diminish themselves by limiting their social media time?   Some of my students say, "I have only 5 minutes to check on what my friends are doing and to upload my photos, then I have to get back to homework."  or  "Social media is a real time drain.  I don't have time to be in virtual worlds, there is so much to do in the real world."

but what about getting important videos and websites more visibility?   A click on Jennie Hinde's could highly her organization's efforts to improve the lives of orphans.    By not clicking, "LIKE", my students are denying their friends (who are on facebook) the privilege of learning about Jennie's group.  When the friends of my students hear about Jennie's work, won't they want to click LIKE , too?    and that's the cycle of "Your Net Impact."   The impact of students on the Internet can add klout to people like Jennie in addition to Justin Bieber and Ellen degeneres and Lady Gaga.    
anyway, i greatly appreciate seeing your LIKE and I hope I can return the click ...  tell me a LIKE that I should do in return.

Where can I put my next LIKE to have some net impact?

Thanks for your list of interesting photos   nice blog .. it's an example (for my students) of having "net impact" and sharing what you think is significant with others.   bravo

If you would like to see Mac's photo blog, click here and write to mac.

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