Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Building International Bridges with a penpal service is a difficult (but rewarding) way to get volunteer hours

Does your teenager need some volunteer hours?  If so, there is a difficult (but rewarding) way to get these volunteer hours.  

Most students pick up trash or visit hospitals and clinics to gain volunteer hours.

Many students give up a Saturday morning and get 4 hours.

How about a service opportunity that can be done using a computer?

It's difficult because the teenager has to get involved in the project (instead of just showing up, holding a plastic bag, move some papers and then go home).

Trash pickup is much easier than what is needed for the BIB Penpals program.  

BIB Penpals requires all 10 skills mentioned by Tony Wagner and  This volunteer program is not for many teenagers.   It takes a special teen who will get involved with a penpal program.

If your teenager wants to become a cultural ambassador...
If your child wants to take on the difficult role of "getting into the head of the international visitor" ...
If your student wants to set aside cultural bias and stereotypes and take time to listen to the needs of another person over Skype or Facebook, then click here

Here are excerpts from guidance documents distributed by the School Board of Broward County Public Schools:

Links to the forms
Broward County Public Schools Guidelines

Broward web site

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