Thursday, May 23, 2013

There's more learning when students keep in touch with or continue to track a teacher

I took some courses at Nova University in 1985-87 with a professor who has continued to work there. Here's his website.

I don't see any advertising on his site, so about the only benefit he can receive from our hits are the many questions that we can send him.   Why not write him with some comments?


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ONE OF THE DELIGHTS and main reasons for going to university is to become exposed to excellent thinkers:  People who get paid for thinking clearly and for asking you to examine your thought processes.   Even as I write these words, I'm thinking, "What would Dr. Alford do to this sentence?"   Dr. A. helped me see how muddled most of my writing is (and continues to be)... but at least I'm aware of the problem....   I even edit some of the unneeded words after typeing them...  I might not do the full Alford treatment (which involves writing, editing, then letting the manuscript sit, then read again and edit more), but at least I know what I should be doing.  That's what I got from a two-year exposure to Dr. Alford's insightful process of teaching.

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Now I have the pleasure of reading some of his lectures and I want to share the links with you.  Please take time to visit.  Click and have your mind expanded.   There is such pain in keeping two thoughts in the mind at the same time, especially when the two thoughts are fighting with each other.
At least click on his Journal of Motorcycles....
How about this lecture?

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