Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vistaprint introduces an emotionally intelligent way to present their products (business cards)

Dan Pink has created a micro-industry out of emotionally intelligent signs.   Look at these posts.

Dan's fans are on the lookout for signs that speak to the heart.   Here are some links:

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    So, let's look at how Vistaprint presents the customer's card order.  "Here's how your card will look"  

    Notice the hand model.  I would love to have that person hold my business card.  

    One of the key lessons from A Whole New Mind that Dan Pink suggests is "keep a design journal."   capture the designs around you that you respect.  Capture designs that move you.   Record the things that are special.   By taking time to slow down to draw or by snapping a photo on your phone and then sending that photo to your blog, you are sending a message to your brain, "This is beautiful" and "This is useful" and "This is why it's great to be alive."

    That's what my wife gets when she highlights a photo for her travel blog,  She selects a photo that means something for her.  Yes, it takes about 15 minutes to edit the photo, come up with a description and a headline and then badger me to post the photo on her blog, but it's worth it.  I stop what I'm doing because I know (having read Dan's AWNM book) that the effort of selecting something keeps our "beauty" and "design" circuits growing.   More beauty, more selections, and we get more synapses.

    Invest in a teaching tool
    Thank you, Dan.  Your posts have expanded and updated and strengthened your AWNM book -- and I look forward to sharing the book with students.  I leave four copies for "taking home" and (happily) I often need to buy replacements.  I am thrilled that my students have discovered the joy of reading by looking at AWNM.

    Oh, and why not take a moment to see one of my wife's posts?

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