Monday, May 20, 2013

Short courses by Steve McCrea: "Building Brain Power with Spanish and French" and "SAT Test Prep"

Steve McCrea, Mistermath, tutor

Courses for Summer School or after school programs

How to Increase “Your Net Impact” (your impact on the Internet).  How to use social media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) to increase “Klout” and build a positive reputation on the web. 

Invisible Grammar Practice and Blogging
How to improve writing by using the tips of Dr. Grammar (Professor Dennis Baron) – write better by writing more, using the fun of blogging.

Building Brain Power with Spanish and French
Learn some phrases in other languages – and your brain’s network of neurons will become more complex.

SAT Test Prep
This practice session helps with end-of-course exams and PERT (the placement test for Broward College).

How to make a web site (free — no annual costs). Set up a network that connects Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and your blog.

How to Get Your Story into a Book (turn your story into a website, a book, and an ebook).  This system works to help schools create yearbooks, too.

Six Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting into the College of your choice
What are the six keys to unlocking doors to success?  What are the ten “survival skills” for the 21st Century?  Tony Wagner of Harvard knows and you will, too, after you take this workshop.
Building Bridges with Penpals
Prepare for an international career with contacts with Steve’s program to connect students in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe with U.S. teens.   

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Free collection of ebooks and videos for parents (on a data DVD)

Steve McCrea, Mistermath, tutor
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