Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why don't schools of education study Summerhill? "It's unworkable" or "achievements are meager" ... well, perhaps we can learn from Summerhill and Sudbury

A friend brought Summerhill to my attention.  Here are some links on wikipedia and elsewhere

Here's the school's website

This poem is on the school's website.   I wonder how teachers might change their procedures
if they heard about or could get exposed to the ideas in this school.

That's why translations of Littky's The Big Picture might change procedures in schools...

"the lack of reliable data on which to base decisions"
(from a report about a school in New Zealand that is modeled on Summerhill)

The following highlights come from the school's description of the Meeting

Report from the Guardian

See the full report

There are some similarities to Sudbury School.   There's a Sudbury school campus near Fort Lauderdale.

see the website

Here's an interesting page about social IQ compiled by Raymond Hartjens of New York

Worth a look

Visit Pandora's box to see more

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