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Excellent worksheet to promote English Pronunciation (U.S. style) is available FREE from

go ahead, visit the collection is a fascinating model.   I've been a paid member ($9 per month) to allow me to download whatever I can read (well, almost everything -- some publishers try to sell their books here)

Who is this masked man?
I've found an excellent by Dana Rosenberg about pronunciation, setting goals and "how to interrupt the teacher."   Here's an extended description...      
Three Useful 
From 101 Photocopiable Worksheets
for English Language Classes
By Dana Rosenberg
There are many workbooks with effective 
Many students benefit from filling in blanks to 
learn the differences between past and present 
and subject and verb.  But let`s look at the 
binders and folders that students carry around. 
What do we see?
Often we see a stack oI worksheets that appear 
to be carried around but not looked at more 
than once or twice.  
The goal of this packet is to give you three 
useful worksheets that students can use again 
and again. 
Worksheet A
How to politely interrupt the teacher

Worksheet B
My Learning Plan

Worksheet C
Pronunciation Practice Chart
These are the four sheets that I distribute at no cost online.
I like to introduce the sheets to my students in that order.  Here`s what I say:

Teacher Talk A
How To Interrupt the Teacher
I like to give my students permission to interrupt.  It is an excellent skill and it 
communicates immediately that the class is centered around you, the students.  Your best 
skill will be speaking.  Talking is how you will quickly show people your level oI English.  So 
I want you talking.  Let`s practice using this sheet.
Lower levels.  It`s okay to ask questions.  We 
want you to talk a lot.  Let`s use these words.

Teacher Talk B
Mv Learning Plan
The learning plan is a set oI goals.  You can put your goals on this sheet.  We can work together 
to find words and homework to meet your goals.  Lower levels.  What do you want to do?   Let`s 
look at each part oI this page.

Teacher Talk C
The learning plan is a set oI goals.  You can put your goals on this sheet.  We can work
Lower levels.  What do you want to do?   Let`s look at each part of this page.

Teacher Talk (at least once a week)
Remember, students:  Eventually you will not 
need these sheets.   Eventually you will leave 
these sheets on a bookshelf or you`ll toss them 
out because you need the binder for another 
project.  Someday, you won`t need these pages. 
But right now, let`s look at these pages again  
what can we add?  What can we review?

No Photocopier?  No Problem
None of these worksheets needs to be photocopied.  You can put this information on a 
board and the students can get the information on blank sheets oI paper.

Final word to teachers.
1.   You have the "teacher talk"...
2.   You have the sheets.
Let`s get started.

There is a remarkable collection of English Language downloads available -- 561 items and most appear to be full editions of expensive books ($30+).  That's potentially 400 x $30 =  $12,000 in avoided fees.

LINK to the collection:

Can you say, "Arrrgh, I'm a pirate!" or do you prefer to buy your ebooks?

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