Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Teacher as Entrepreneur: Initiative is one of the Global Skills that we need to demonstrate to students

Tony Wagner has a list of "Seven Survival Skills" and one is "initiative."   I might "think outside the box," but I'm disconnected from the real business life of meeting payrolls and
looking for clients.  I am insulated from the reality of "insufficient funds" because I have a guaranteed group of students waiting for me.   If I go to a school as a freelancer, it is understood that I get paid less because I'm not responsible for finding clients.
Get it
So how am I supposed to guide the next generation into finding the entrepreneur within?  Everyone is out of work at some point and the remedy offered by most experts on "finding ajob" is "hire yourself."  Create a business.  Create a product or service.

So I created a product:  The Q A English pronunciation app.

Hey, it's free.  Go ahead, if you have an iphone, please download it and help my "views."

I have to decide if I can afford to make the Android version.  It cost over $1200, but it's worth it!
If you would like to get an app developed for you, contact Nancy Thompson -- she found the developer for me.

Click here to see my video review of my own app.

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