Sunday, May 5, 2013

Three photos that turned me into a virtual mentor. I visited the school twice and now I'm continuing to remain in touch... and you can become a virtual mentor, too.

Thank you, Dr. Amen:  The ANTs or
PENAs in Spanish (invented by Mario
Llorente, translator)

Please take a moment to look at these photos.

This is what happened when I started listening to Enrique Gonzalez.  I stated thinking, "How can I personalize my lessons?  How can my student's work come out?"

Dennis Littky wrote that most people ask, "What are you going to teach our students?  What is your expertise?"
but really teachers do their best work when they bring out what is inside the students.

This is based on my SAT Test Prep work
(That's a quote from The Big Picture:  Education is Everyone's Business, 2004, by

That's what these photos show.  I came to the campus of Highland Park high Scholl and I simply shared with them some ideas.

The students did this work.

See the 7 Survival Skills by Tony Wagner

This is what any adult can do.   Adopt a class, sit with some students, talk for a short time and then listen.

The best part of being a mentor is saying, "Oh, you want to make a yearbook?  Here's a simple and inexpensive way to make your yearbook.  Have you thought about using CreateSpace?  $10 plus $2 shipping and the book will have color photos."
Go ahead, order the book

Then I just sit back and wait for their questions and see what they produce.  

Becoming a virtual mentor means doing everything a school volunteer does but at distance and without the commuting time of driving to the school.

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