Friday, May 24, 2013

Let's encourage students to get back in contact with former teachers. Teachers get some attention (for work done years before) and the students get the joy of saying, "Thank you." What procedures do schools need to adopt to support "finding the teacher"?

Many schools have a policy of not keeping track of former employees.  "That person no longer works here."  That's somewhat impersonal.  Is that a way to treat a person?  Is that how alumni should be treated? "Sorry, we have no information about that employee."

Littky's Big Picture Schools keep track of alumni and send them surveys.  Alumni are encouraged to visit the campus years later and give feedback and become a resource for current students.  Interaction with former teachers is encouraged.   See more

I witnessed the value of interactions between a former student and my favorite mentor, Dennis Yuzenas.  Sean S. McGraw is studying art education (see his BLOG).  I benefited because Sean has agreed to collaborate on a book to make posters.   I'm going to figure out how to get the poster book translated into Chinese and then he hopes to be invited to lecture about arts education and posters in China (and elsewhere).


Ah, good things happen when a teacher visits his mentor's school.   Thanks to Dennis Yuzenas, my education expands and continues.

How did art get introduced to the curriculum?
When did art get infused in the public school curriculum?
Who proposed the introduction of art in public education?

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