Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm looking for intoxicating posters like these posters to inspire the next generation of students. Please recommend more to me.

 Hmmm... I used to think that spending time on the internet looking at slideshares was a waste of time... but then I hit this link and I'm hooked.

I'm preparing three books for clients and yet I've just spent five minutes looking at and then spreading the word in social media about these seven quotes.  There are other qutoes that should attract attention, but this is a good start.

I'm going to ask you to click HERE to see the items yourself.  Make an impact.  Be the added click and go ahead to tweet or forward this link to someone.  You might be the link in the chain that spreads this slideshare to millions of people.

Here's the link:

What Steve Said by @shyamantab on @slideshare   these quotes belong on walls of schools to inspire future students

I'm writing to this guy Shyamantab to ask him about
The Academy

Oh, and why not visit his Entrepreneur Academy?

Here's the letter that I want to write to the creator of this slideshare

a)  thank you for the compilation of quotes by Steve Jobs.  The graphics are stunning and eye-catching.
b)  I'm looking for collaborators who will put items into Creative Commons and allow teachers to get a low cost book and free PDF ebook for printing dozens of posters.  

c)  Here's the description of the project:  Posters to Transform Classrooms.  Can you donate one or all of the Steve Jobs posters to this project?   Attribution will be clear and there will be links to the places that appear in the slideshare. 

d)  Do you have posters that can be donated to this project?   The idea is to give away the PDF and to make a book that is priced at zero profit using (the book printing on demand service).  You can see other books that I've created using this method
Go ahead, be nice, click on his blog and the Academy

Thank you for your assistance.   Very inspiring.


Here's what I tweeted after seeing these posters.

What Steve Said by @shyamantab on @slideshare   these quotes belong on walls of schools to inspire future students

I recommend that you follow this guy's blog, twitter and facebook account

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  1. Thank you for this post. I am sharing Entrepreneur Academy Piterest page which has some more interesting posters. Let me know if you want to use any of it.